Login by IP

Login by IP is a Drupal module which automatically logs in any enabled user by their IP address. It works by:

  1. Getting the IP for the current visitor - it uses the high availability service from https://www.ipify.org
  2. It then checks if a user account is assigned to current client IP
  3. Login the user

All of it through jQuery calls to the backend of Drupal so there’s no actual slowness to the visitor. The process is a bit more involved but that’s the gist of it.

Basic setup:

  • Enable the Login by IP module and go to People > Login by IP (admin/people/login-by-ip)
  • Click the “+ Add user” link towards the bottom of the page, insert/search for the desired username, add your IP and save settings.
  • Open the website in a new window that doesn’t have a session opened (like Chrome’s incognito window) and you will be automatically logged in if your username and IP matches.

Login by IP in action

Examples of each functionality together with screenshots very soon!

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