I need a website for my business!

If you're looking for an easy to use and feature packed website for your business, look no more.

Hi, my name is Andrei and I'm a web developer. I have been building websites for more than 10 years now and the most common requests I get from clients are:

  1. An intuitive way to manage content which displays that content in an appealing and professional fashion
  2. An easy way to influence your theming and coloring
  3. SEO ready website and a simple but intelligent way to change it when needed

That's why I built a website package called iReal. Pricing starts at $500 per installation and I will work with you to ensure a smooth website launch. Depending on your website's needs, pricing may vary.

To get started please use my personal invitation link https://www.upwork.com/signup/create-account/client_contact_freelancer?ciphertext=~~66cc44b4f0e2c9d1&BYOC in order to get a job rolling on Upwork.com with 0% fee. As soon as I'm hired, I will confirm this with Upwork and the 0% fee will take effect.

Why Upwork?

  1. My goal as a web developer is to get a quality product over to my clients and achieve this with 100% satisfaction. I believe this is possible only with personalized jobs and this is where Upwork helps a lot!
  2. Your website's journey does not end with our collaboration. Through Upwork you also have access to a large pool of talent whether you need a new logo, an AdWords professional, social media manager, web server professional or whatever your website needs.

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